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January 16, 2019

eSports @ UCO

Esports has arrived at the University of Central Oklahoma. Esports or Electronic Sports is a form of competition using video games and connecting people from around the world through gaming. According to ESPN in their magazine’s June 22 Esports issue, “Esports is massive…and growing.” It is widely watched and played in Asia and Korea but North America and Europe are quickly gaining fans with up to 28 million.

Reaching an untapped group of prospect and current students and allowing for those students to become a part of a gaming community is the vision of Esports at the University of Central Oklahoma. The mission of the group is to connect and provide opportunities for students through video games; and for UCO students to have an outlet to be involved in a new community focused on Esports and electronic gaming. Esports promotes the values of community, inclusivity, sportsmanship, and entertainment.

The President of Esports at UCO is Anwarel Zulkifli. The student organization also has three advisors that are passionate about Esports and its place in academics. They are Ariel West, University Communications; David Hanan, School of Music; and Robert Howard, Global Affairs.

The Office of Information Technology was eager to help with this new opportunity for students. David Krone and his team at the UCO Tech Store provided the space and equipment for a mini Mario Kart tournament to help promote the Esports organization’s first BYOC (bring your own console/computer) event. They also provided a table for event registration.

The first event was held at the Nigh University Center in Room 301 where a secure 48 port networking switch was provided.  OIT also ensured access to a wired connection for smooth gameplay. This allowed the students to play with a very low latency. Feedback on the event was phenomenal. Pictures of the event can be found on their Facebook page at

The next big event for Esports at UCO is scheduled for January 27th in the Nigh University Center Ballrooms. This is their first event that will include other collegiate Esport organizations, including the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and Rogers State University. High school prospects and general community members have also been invited.

If you are interested in learning more about Esports, a general meeting that is open to everyone is held once a month. Are you ready to join this new student organization? Begin the process here