Thoth’s Magical Book

Welcome to Ancient Egypt

A land of enchantment, mystery and magic awaits you, but…be wary where you travel for a cursed magic may follow. A vengeful god may snatch you…

The Wrath of Thoth awaits those who dare challenge him.

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At the strike of the harps and lyre our magical tale begins, but first we shall become acquainted with a few characters in our tale. Keep in mind, not all will be mentioned here.

Setne Khamwas was the son of Ramses II. He was high priest to the god Ptah of Memphis and a magician dedicated to studying monuments and ancient books.×768.jpg (1024×768) (

“If you desire to read writings, come to me and I will have you taken to the place where that book is that Thoth wrote with his own hand.”

One day, he learned that a book existed, written by the hand of the god Thoth which was kept in the tomb of of a long deceased prince named Naneferkaptah.

Speaking of Naneferkaptah…

When Neferkaptah first sought after the book hidden deep in the Nile, he was punished for theft by Thoth, and the gods killed his wife and son. Once he committed suicide, he was buried with the book….which now brings us back to Setne’s pursuit of the book. 

*Please note that not all details of the story are included here. Proceed at your own risk*

*Remember once you enter, there is no turning away. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.*


No entry beyond this point. Enter at your own risk. 

Final Warning…. 

*Note as well our key characters will each have their dialogue & actions in their own distinguished color so as to not leave you mortals confused as they interact with each other.

  • Narrator
  • Thoth’s Book
  • Setne 
  • Naneferkaptah 

Unauthorized summoning of deceased princes is prohibited. Don’t even think about it.


“Hey lowly mortals! Want to learn some magic?” 

Please shut up now is not the time. Perhaps you could enlighten us about your magic and make yourself useful for once instead of rotting away in this tomb. 

“Ooo are we gonna talk about my deceased prince? He’s such lovely company on long nights, and enough with the insults. You know what Thoth will do if he found you disturbed my slumber. “

Wait…which prince? Exactly how many of them have you killed?

“That’s for my sources to know,” the book rustles with the slight breeze entering the tomb. 

Well, then how about you tell us what you put “your” poor prince through that Setne needs to know about?

“Give me a moment to process.”

*An incantation recited by a mysterious voice ensues, bringing forth two figures walking through the hazy mist in the tomb* 


“By the almighty Ra! What sorcery is this?”

“Hello Prince Nane, remember me?”

“As if I could ever forget the suffering I went through to obtain you.” Naneferkaptah sighs, muttering under his breath. 

The other figure, Setne groans. “What is it this time?  Am I being punished once more?” I’m not going near that fiend again!”

“Watch it, remember who you’re speaking to, boy.”

A thousand apologies my princes, but regardless of your feelings and contempt for Thoth’s book, we would like to gain insight on exactly what it did and what it cost you both.

“Can I say it cost me my sanity? Because when I took the book from Nane’s tomb, a few days later I beheld 

Silence, both of you, please. Let us begin with Nanepherkaptah and what he desired of the book. 

“At least someone bothers to pronounce my name correctly,” Nane sighs picking up the book to recite from the page.

“Two spells are written in it [The Book of Thoth] When you [recite the first spell you will] charm the sky, the earth, the netherworld, the mountains, and the waters. You will discover what all the birds of the sky and reptiles are saying. When you recite the second spell, it will happen that, whether you are in the netherworld or in your form on earth, you will see Pre appearing in the sky with his Ennead, and the moon in its form of rising.”

This is what that mortal priest told you, was it not? The exact words?

“Precisely not a word off. The very words he spoke are exactly as you heard them in this very tomb.”

“Unfortunately yes. Setne, it cost me all I loved dear. Think of what it could mean for you. For Pre’s sake my family was murdered.”

Setne sighs, bowing his head in defeat. “I took my trifles with it a moon ago, your excellency and I wanted to sleep with this most glorious woman but I believed she was tricking me and I offered her everything. Even my own sons! How foolish was I to snap out of my stupor aroused by the beautiful woman to only be met with a horror and shame!”

“From the records, Setne after consenting to have your children killed by Tabubu…”

Tabubu lay down beside Setne. He stretched out his hand to touch her, and she opened her mouth wide in a loud cry. Setne woke up in a great heat, his phallus in a […]. 

“Really?” Nane scoffs. “In front of Pharoah. Embarassing.” 

“And that is why I never want to touch that fowl book, let alone not ever see it with my own eyes again!” Setne exclaims. “I think we get the picture.”

Well, it did make you all learn your lesson, especially when…Oh mighty Thoth I must…HAVE MERCY ON ME!  

HOPEFULY you mortals have learned not to get into the affairs of the gods or beings you don’t understand. As are tale reached its untimely, tragic downfall, I urge you to reflect on the dangers of the past and not to mingle in the affairs of the supernatural. Do not mess with what you do not understand, lest you want to suffer the same fate as our dearly departed princes.



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