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Yoga and Its Benefits

Yoga has been around since the year 300. Its participation has been increasing tremendously throughout the past few years and it seems everyone is getting on board the yoga train. Yoga is defined as maintaining harmony between mind, body, and spirit. People use it for many different reasons, such as strengthening the body, increasing concentration, stretching muscles, relaxing, and most importantly, to have an experience of higher consciousness.

There are also many benefits other than ones stated above, which include but are not limited to:

  • Increased immune system and pain tolerance
  • Increased metabolism and GI functions
  • Decreased heart rate and blood pressureYoga 2
  • Delays the aging process and improves posture
  • Increased strength and energy
  • Better overall balance and sleep efficiency
  • Decreases anxiety and stress; therefore gives more positive outlook on life
  • Lowers cholesterol and glucose levels

Yoga classes are going on now near you!

UCO Wellness Center yoga schedule August 18th – Oct. 10th, 2014:

Mondays- 4:15-5:00pm Room 134

Tuesdays- 6:15-7:05pm Room 104

Wednesdays- 5:30- 6:15pm Room 134

Thursdays- 7:00-7:50pm Room 104

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