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Fight Food Cravings

Let’s face it, dieting can be hard work. Whether you’re fighting late night munchies or constantly getting tempted by that dreadful office vending machine, there are a couple steps you can take in order to fight those cravings.

1. Hydrate. A lot of times the body confuses the sensation of hunger and thirst. Try drinking a bottle of water before a meal or whenever that next craving attacks. This can usually curb the “I’m starving and could eat a whole elephant” feeling.

2. Find an alternative. This can be a bit more challenging because you know you are hungry, but you aren’t quite sure what you are hungry for. Often times people are craving sweets, chocolate, something salty, or just looking to satisfy that “give me something crunchy” feeling. Here are a couple alternatives when craving these items.

You’re Craving: Sweets/ Sugary Foods

What to eat instead:  Fresh fruit. Strawberries, grapes, ect.

You’re Craving:  Chocolate

What to eat instead:   Trail mix with dried fruit. Add pieces of dark chocolate if desired.

You’re Craving:  Something Salty

What to eat instead:   Almonds or cashews

You’re Craving:  Breads

What to eat instead:   Nuts or beans

You’re Craving:  Crunchy Foods (Chips)

What to eat instead:   Baby carrots, or broccoli 

3. Wait it out. Most of us eat way too fast no matter what meal it is. Before you go back for seconds or grab another snack, wait about 10-15 minutes and then decide if you’re still hungry.

4. Get fresh. Yes, this might sound silly, but chewing a piece of sugar free mint gum or brushing your teeth may also help you fight those cravings. Nobody likes drinking orange juice right after they brush their teeth in the mornings so don’t be afraid to use this trick throughout the day no matter where you are.

Christine Burns ~ Blogistics!