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Build Your Confidence in the Gym

The UCO Wellness Center is a great facility and has plenty of equipment to get that much needed workout in for the day. However, this is a college campus and let’s face it, we all look at others while working out and judge whatever it is they are doing or how they look. For example, “Why is he grunting so loud?”, “I want to look like that.”, or “Are you suppose to be barefoot in here?” Whatever the case may be, there are four easy and simple steps to build your confidence in the gym.

1.     Focus on YOU. It’s easy to get distracted and not push yourself whenever there are others in the gym or you’re doing a solo workout, but try and limit your distractions. Before walking into the gym, remind yourself of your personal goals and what you want to accomplish in the gym for that day and stick to it. Next, don’t be afraid to plug in and tune out. Find that radio station, playlist, or song, put those ear buds in, and crank it up! Go into the gym with the mindset that you are the only one in the gym.

2.     Use that machine. There are numerous workout machines throughout the Wellness Center and yes, they too can be intimidating. The machines may look like it will have your body parts tangled in .03 seconds, but take the time to figure it out. The majority of the machines have descriptions and pictures of how to perform the exercise, along with showing what muscles are being used.

3.     Look the part. Everyone has that one (or more) outfit that they know they look good in. Don’t be afraid to replicate this “swagger” at the gym. Invest in a decent pair of gym clothes and shoes. You don’t want to look like you’re squeezing into your middle school P.E. clothes or wearing your dads XXXL shorts. Another key point in looking the part is maintaining a good posture. Whenever you walk into the gym with your head high and shoulders back, it screams confidence!

4.     Use those mirrors to your advantage. Yes, they are there for individuals to look at themselves while working out in order to maintain or critique technique, but that’s not all. Check yourself out! Flex, pose it up, take pictures to track progress, whatever the case may be, use them. Referring back to rule one, focus on you. Who cares what others think about you or your body. Get to the gym and accomplish YOUR goals.

Christine Burns