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Change It Up, Keep It Fresh

One of the biggest issues noticed with people involved with exercise programs is getting bored and ultimately leading to not continuing on with exercise.  There are large numbers of people out there who know someone who this has happened to or it has personally happened to them.  With the epidemics of disease, cancer, and other sicknesses that currently plaguing the United States it is important that people are exercising on a consistent basis because this could play a huge role in these cases being limited.

One of the important ways to help keep individuals involved with exercise programs and exercising in general is changing up routines and finding ways to exercise that are enjoyable.  For example, some people do not enjoy running especially on a treadmill, for these individual they need to find alternatives that will help them achieve fitness needs.  Depending on the person, playing basketball, flag football, or playing soccer with friends or joining a local league can be a great way to have fun and get exercise at the same time.  Other great examples could be boxing, martial arts, yoga, along with many others ways to incorporate creative ways for a person to exercise.  For those individuals who enjoy strength training and cardio workouts need to make sure routines are switched up and staying fresh to avoid staleness and repetitive.  This will not only help with making the program more enjoyable, but more health benefits and improvements will be a product of doing so.  An example of this would be mixing up treadmill runs by doing flat and incline intervals weekly with some weeks focusing on shorter intervals at higher speeds and others having longer intervals at lesser speeds but just constantly changing things up.  With strength training, a person can change of variations of squats by doing back squats, front squats, jump squats, and mixing different intensities and loads weekly.  One week can focus on larger weight reps and then the next week can be a speed week, which focuses on lighter weight.

These are just a few ways to change things up and keep your own personal programs fresh.  Figure out what works best for you individually and get out there, get after it and have fun!