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Kettle Bell Workouts

What is a kettle bell?

A kettle bell is what looks like a bowling ball with a handle on it that varies on weight.

Why use a kettle bell?

Kettle bell workout is a kinetic experience in both strength training and a cardio workout in one.  The kettle bell is kept in near constant motion and exercises are typically done in a circuit. Studies show that a kettle bell workout is like running while developing your muscles. Kettle bell workouts can be done from your home with just one or two kettle bells for most exercises.

Some simple kettle bell workouts

Some simple bicep curls can be done with two kettle bells. Keep the back straight, head up, abs tight and knees slightly bent.

Kettle bell swing is an exercise that workouts out your legs, back, shoulders, and your core. Start with the kettle bell slightly in front of you. Push the hips back to hinge forward. The knees should be slightly flexed and the back stays straight. Lift the kettle bell and continue with the motion by going between the thighs. Push the hips forward by squeezing the gluts to swing the kettle bell upward to about face height. Keep the elbows extended and back straight at all time.






Kettle bell row works out your back and your triceps. Keep your back straight and abs tight, if kettlebell in right, have your right leg stretched out behind – Trunk approximately 45 ° angle, pull the kettlebell close to hip – Neutral or hammer grip






Kettle bells are wonderful tools that let you get a good, solid weight training program while giving you a solid cardio training program in relatively short periods of time. Give a kettle bell exercise a try and see if it is for you!

Source : Physiotec.org

By Brett Mendenhall

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