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Beating the (Fitness) Boredom

By John Interwicz

So, are you bored with the same old workouts every day?  If you have answered yes, you need to look for different exciting ways to workout. Bored 1

Studies show that around the 7 to 8 week mark of a workout plan or program  individuals start to lose motivation to be active and continue the exercise program. So, how can you beat the boredom and loss of motivation to exercise? It is simple, change up your workouts or activities.

In exercise science world this is called periodization, which is a fancy word for “change your workouts every 6 to 8 weeks”.  But, you do not have to just change to different machines or start doing more reps and sets. That a good place to start, but since the fall season is starting, and the weather is  perfect for outdoor activities.   What about going outdoors and doing activities like hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, ECT…

Bored 3

You will be surprised that the average calorie burn of these outdoor activities is about two times more than walking on a treadmill or using the elliptical. But, there is one big difference that these outdoor activities are doing; breaking the boredom of a general exercise plan.  So, not only are the outdoor activities exercise opportunities that are breaking the boredom of your regular routine, but these are also fun opportunities. And if you are a UCO student, staff or facility the UCO boat house is open and free to you at Lake Arcadia.



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