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H.I.I.T. The Gym

by: Malia Kaaiohelo

Do you find yourself not having enough time to work out? Does the goal of losing weight and getting in shape feel unattainable? Are you looking for some intense workout other than running or weightlifting? What if I told you there was a type of training that you can do in a 30-minute window that offers you benefits like decreased risk of CVD, Blood Pressure, and increased aerobic capacity? This can all be acquired through High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short.


HIIT aims to have the client reach 80-95% of his or her maximum heart rate in short bouts of high intensity exercises followed by a limited amount of rest. The workout to rest ratio can usually be seen at 20:40 seconds (Falcone et. Al, 2015) or for every second you work at a high intensity, take two seconds of rest. This means that you spend more time resting than working out! However, the shorter the rest period, the shorter amount of time the whole workout takes. Some people can finish a workout in almost 10 minutes if they really push through the exercises. Do you still not feel convinced? Well let’s take some time to look at the many benefits one can receive through HIIT.


HIIT is still going to be a challenge, but the workout can be worth it when you are aware of how it is benefitting your body. Here are some things that can improve while you are sweating through a HIIT workout:

  • Improved blood pressure
  • Decreased abdominal and subcutaneous fat
  • Enhanced weight loss
  • Increased skeletal muscle fat oxidation
  • Improved aerobic and anaerobic fitness (VO2 max)
  • Increased exercise adherence
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease (Falcone et. Al, 2015)

Now I know what you may be thinking. “Can’t I receive all of these benefits with any type of physical activity?”. Let’s look at the benefits specifically known to HIIT compared to completing 30 minutes of other modes of exercise (Roy):

  • HIIT burns 20-30% more calories than other forms of exercise
  • Metabolic rate is much higher for several hours after the workout is done
  • The body shifts to burning more fat rather than carbs
  • HIIT can be beneficial for those who are at risk for type 2 diabetes and improve blood sugar for those who have type 2 diabetes


It is recommended that you get a health screening done before you attempt any high intensity interval training while being at risk from conditions such as diabetes, obesity, old age, etc. After that, the next step is simple. Find a mode of exercise you are comfortable performing. It could be cycling, sprinting, swimming, rowing, boxing, jump roping, or any other kind of similar activity.

Begin with a 5-10 minute warm up, then take the activity you’ve chosen and provide a workout/rest period ratio. For example, if you’re jump roping you could jump for 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds, jump 20 seconds and rest 40 seconds, or jump 40 seconds and rest 20 seconds. After you’ve chosen your ratio, you could repeat that for however minutes you choose. Just make sure in the seconds you choose to workout you’re going as hard as you can. You could even switch up workouts, so you aren’t completing the same activity the whole workout. That’s the exciting part. You can make the workout entirely your own! You can add weights, equipment, bands, etc. Who said you couldn’t enjoy getting in shape?


  • Cycle as hard as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds (Repeat for 10 minutes)
  • 3 rounds (40 second work, 20 second rest): push-ups, squats, butt kicks, side lunges
  • 10 med ball slams, 5 box jumps, 50 jump ropes, 30 second plank (See how many rounds you can get through in a 15-minute period. Rest as much as needed;(Creveling, 2017)


High Intensity Interval Training has been up and coming the past few years, so it is fairly new information for those who have only tried traditional modes of exercise. However, the newfound benefits are very exciting and very applicable to all categories of people. As long as you know you’re pushing yourself, you’re going to feel better and start to look better. With just two sessions a week, you can stimulate physiologic adaptations that will leave you healthier than before. What are you waiting for? HIIT the gym!


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It’s Cycle-O-Clock Somewhere

Want to do an exercise that can customize to your fitness level? Have you ever tried an indoor cycling class or wanted to? Indoor cycling is a great way to get active and stay in shape.

Indoor cycling can help burn fat and strengthen muscle while being in the comfort of the inside away from the elements. Indoor cycling is a low impact stationary exercise that increases your heart rate. Low impact exercises can lower stress on your joints which can aid in injury recovery. Cycling is a great way for anyone to get active no matter what their current fitness level may be. These indoor bikes allow individuals to add or reduce the amount of resistance they want to pedal against, which can increase or decrease the level of difficulty they want to work at. While on an indoor bike, standing out of the seat or sitting in the seat while pedaling can also increase difficulty. These bikes have handlebars to hold onto for balance, brake knobs to allow the rider to completely stop the spin if necessary, and two bike pedals with straps to tighten your feet. These bikes also have multiple adjustment levers to help make sure the bike fits you and is comfortable for you as you cycle. Indoor cycling classes are held at local gyms, studios, or cycling businesses. A popular indoor cycling chain is called Cyclebar. Indoor cycling classes are often around forty-five-minutes long and play upbeat songs to pedal along with. While taking a forty-five-minute cycle class, the average person burns anywhere around four hundred to six hundred calories.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cycling Pros & Cons

Indoor Cycling Outdoor Cycling

·         Improves cardiovascular health

·         Tones muscles

·         Burns calories

·         Easy on joints

·         Classes are fun & can boost mood/motivation

·         Not exposed to the elements (can be all year round)

·         Very minimal chance of injury



·         Improves Cardiovascular Health

·         Tones Muscles

·         Burns Calories

·         Easy on joints

·         Can boost mood/self esteem


·         Has to pay for classes

·         Scenery/terrain never changes



·         Has to plan around weather

·         Greater safety risks

·         Bike trails can be far or hard to locate

·         Has to pay for own bike

Keywords: Indoor – Cycling – Fitness – Health – Cardio


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YOGA-T This!

By: Fatima Ramirez

Do you enjoy having a great stretch when you wake up? How about before you play sports or after you had a long day? Or even before and/or after a workout? Stretching is exceptionally good for the body and can help with flexibility of the muscles. But have you thought about doing stretches for exercise? How about Yoga?


Yoga is defined as a kind of activity that focuses on the mind, body, and will in order to relax and focus on the mind. According to the Osteopathic website, “the purpose of yoga is to build strength, awareness, and harmony in both your mind and body (American Osteopathic Association).” This can mean that if you are feeling stressed or you would like a nice stretch after a long day, yoga is the good way to go.


While yoga may be too relaxing or just not as much intense, there are several benefits for the exercise itself. One of the first things is that it has a significant amount of increases in flexibility, muscle strength, and tone. Since you are improving your flexibility, you are reducing your risk of gaining injuries and improve your athletic performance.

Did you know that yoga is also beneficial to your mental health? According to Psychology Today, yoga is great for decreasing signs of depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and attention deficit. It can also decrease the symptoms for schizophrenia (Khoshaba, 2013). Yoga also tends to put people in a good mood and have a positive mindset.


  • Cobra Pose
  • Child’s Pose
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • High Lunge
  • Butterfly
  • Bridge Pose


To start out, Yoga can be done anywhere. It can be outdoors like a local park or indoors like your house or a gym. It’s recommended that you pick a location that is very tranquil and alone. That way you won’t get distracted and focus on the workout itself.

The second necessity is a yoga mat. The benefit of having one is making sure you have cushion while you’re doing the poses and you are less at risk to slip during the poses. If you do not have a yoga mat, use a blanket or towel instead. You can do it without a mat as well, just make sure its on a comfortable sturdy surface.

Finally, you can start your yoga workout (see the list above for some basic yoga moves for your first time). I would suggest sitting down and making a list of moves first. Or if you would like, you can look for some routines on the internet and follow it from there! Don’t worry about making mistakes, it’s all about having fun!


When it comes to yoga, it’s all about everyone’s perspective. But overall, it’s a great time to have some relaxation after a long day. Yoga can be perform for all ages and their benefits  can also contribute to them. Some schools and work are starting to incorporate this exercise in their environment in order to relieve tension after a long day.  So stand up, grab a mat, and begin to do a easy yoga stretch! And remember, Yoga-t This!


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Watch(a) Waiting For?

By: Torie Shanbour

Are you one of the millions of people who have trouble maintaining weight? Or maybe even losing those extra pounds gained during quarantine?




Apple Watch Fitbit Charge HR Moto 360 Jawbone up 3
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Distance Tracking  




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HR Tracking  




Sleep Tracking    


How it shows A screen A screen A screen Vibrates when you hit goal

The world that we live in has many temptations to the eye which makes it harder for us to lose that unwanted weight. Obesity in America has increased over the past six years significantly by more than two percent, ranking at 27.7% of Americans being obese. However, many smart devices that have been introduced have shown that monitoring your eating habits and exercise per day, can lead to a smarter beneficial life. Self-monitoring your weight has become easier over the years with smart watches being invented and provided to the general public. It has also been shown to inform the public that activity trackers have been designed to adapt to the user’s heterogenous natures and target to improve health outcomes. The opportunities that come with smart technology has been known to help with preventative care and to nudge individuals into the “healthy state” of life. Many of your smart watches will come with an activity app already installed and ready to go. Other applications that you can add to your smart watch, for example are Myfitnesspal or Lose It. These application help with the diet side of fitness and also have many diet plans for you to go by. Reaching to my conclusion about smart watches, you probably already know there are many smart devices to choose from out there. From reading and doing research on the matter you should pick the one that best suits your personality, price range, and accessibility.


Keywords: Health – Tracker – Tech – Weight – Watch



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Exercise for Your Mental Health

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

We all know that exercise is great for our physical health, but have you ever wondered if it good for our mental health? The answer is yes. Exercise does help us lose weight, look better, and feel stronger, but these are not the only things that exercise can do for us though. People tend to find out that as they exercise regularly they begin to get a better night’s sleep, they feel more energetic throughout the day, feel better all-around, feel and think more positive, etc. Exercise can be used to improve your mood, relieve stress, have a positive impact on anxiety and depression, ADHD, and more. The best part, is that you do not have to be a gym fanatic. You can go at your own pace and reap the benefits for yourself. Your outlook can change about many things if you use exercise to your advantage. Exercise is a powerful and beneficial tool, why not take advantage of it?

Anxiety, Depression, and Exercise

          Participating in regular exercise will help increase your feeling of well-being by releasing those feel-good endorphins. These endorphins are what trigger the positive feelings you get in your body. will Regularly exercising helps take your mind off of those worries and negative thoughts that tend to feed your anxiety. By the end of your workout, you will forget what it was that was causing you so much worry, tension, and stress. I mean it, I speak from experience. I have gone into the gym worrying and stressing, but when I come back out, it is like I completely forgot what I was stressed or worried about. Exercise is not just for looking good, it is also for feeling good as well, physically and mentally. The best part is that you do not have to exercise for hours on end, all you need is at least 30 minutes, 3 to 5 days a week. Honestly though, any amount of physical could make a big a difference.


How to Incorporate Activity Without the Gym

Some ways that you could incorporate activity into your everyday routine includes;

  • Parking farther away from the door at work or your destination
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • When walking to a destination, take the long way
  • Going for a walk around your neighborhood
  • Doing bodyweight exercises at home

You do not need a gym to reap the benefits. Get up, get moving, and feel better about life.