Saddle Up!

by: Zoey Workman

Do you want to go to a workout class that feels like a giant dance party? Then try a spin class. You will get the best cardio in 45 minutes because you are working out your entire body. You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a spin class? It is a high-intensity indoor cycling workout that is on a stationary bike, meaning your legs are always moving. There is a resistance knob that allows your increase the intensity and how heavy you are pedaling (Alex Morris). The goal is to ride to the beat of the music and follow the instructor’s choreography. The class starts out by doing a warmup in the saddle, the seat, with no resistance. During this warmup the instructor can have you do a variety of things such as arm presses or just have your arms on the handlebars. Once the warmup is done, the intensity is about to go up. You will be in the saddle, then out, hoovering over the seat all while doing some type of arm choreography. However, the best part about spin is that you are going at your own pace and comfort level. It can be intimidating being around other people who are on beat but, everyone starts somewhere. The benefits? You will be drenched in sweat from: doing intense cardio, increasing resistance to push yourself to pedal with more force, and do an arm tract such as bicep curls with weights.  The best thing is that it is not a competition or a race with anyone else, but you can compete with yourself within each class.


Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Studies department