Bootcamp Vibes Only

By: Landry Willis

Want to complete a high intensity workout but have only a short amount of time? A bootcamp class is the answer you have been searching for! Bootcamps are a great full body workout and often only take up thirty minutes to an hour to complete. They typically consist of a wide range of exercise styles, such as aerobic, strength training, and many more. Bootcamps are also very social because you can work out with a group of people that may have similar fitness goals that you have. You can also go with or take friends and family with you as well. This can be very beneficial in the sense that a social surrounding can create a more competitive and encouraging atmosphere. Bootcamp styled workouts can be done almost anywhere since many require little to no equipment. To create more of a challenge, equipment and weights can be added to add more to the level of difficulty. This style of high-intensity workout has been proven to burn more calories than a basic moderate level exercise. In Oklahoma, there are many gyms that offer fitness bootcamps. Some examples of Oklahoma gyms that have bootcamp classes are One Healthy Bod Fitness, True Grit Fitness, Fit camp 180, Athlete Inc., and many more.

Bootcamp Classes Pros & Cons


·         Improves endurance

·         Tones Muscles

·         Burns Calories

·         Can boost self esteem

·         Little equipment required

·         Builds strength

·         Shorter class time


·         Hard on the body

·         Can be crowded

·         Has to pay for classes

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