It’s Cycle-O-Clock Somewhere

Want to do an exercise that can customize to your fitness level? Have you ever tried an indoor cycling class or wanted to? Indoor cycling is a great way to get active and stay in shape.

Indoor cycling can help burn fat and strengthen muscle while being in the comfort of the inside away from the elements. Indoor cycling is a low impact stationary exercise that increases your heart rate. Low impact exercises can lower stress on your joints which can aid in injury recovery. Cycling is a great way for anyone to get active no matter what their current fitness level may be. These indoor bikes allow individuals to add or reduce the amount of resistance they want to pedal against, which can increase or decrease the level of difficulty they want to work at. While on an indoor bike, standing out of the seat or sitting in the seat while pedaling can also increase difficulty. These bikes have handlebars to hold onto for balance, brake knobs to allow the rider to completely stop the spin if necessary, and two bike pedals with straps to tighten your feet. These bikes also have multiple adjustment levers to help make sure the bike fits you and is comfortable for you as you cycle. Indoor cycling classes are held at local gyms, studios, or cycling businesses. A popular indoor cycling chain is called Cyclebar. Indoor cycling classes are often around forty-five-minutes long and play upbeat songs to pedal along with. While taking a forty-five-minute cycle class, the average person burns anywhere around four hundred to six hundred calories.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cycling Pros & Cons

Indoor Cycling Outdoor Cycling

·         Improves cardiovascular health

·         Tones muscles

·         Burns calories

·         Easy on joints

·         Classes are fun & can boost mood/motivation

·         Not exposed to the elements (can be all year round)

·         Very minimal chance of injury



·         Improves Cardiovascular Health

·         Tones Muscles

·         Burns Calories

·         Easy on joints

·         Can boost mood/self esteem


·         Has to pay for classes

·         Scenery/terrain never changes



·         Has to plan around weather

·         Greater safety risks

·         Bike trails can be far or hard to locate

·         Has to pay for own bike

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