Watch(a) Waiting For?

By: Torie Shanbour

Are you one of the millions of people who have trouble maintaining weight? Or maybe even losing those extra pounds gained during quarantine?




Apple Watch Fitbit Charge HR Moto 360 Jawbone up 3
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How it shows A screen A screen A screen Vibrates when you hit goal

The world that we live in has many temptations to the eye which makes it harder for us to lose that unwanted weight. Obesity in America has increased over the past six years significantly by more than two percent, ranking at 27.7% of Americans being obese. However, many smart devices that have been introduced have shown that monitoring your eating habits and exercise per day, can lead to a smarter beneficial life. Self-monitoring your weight has become easier over the years with smart watches being invented and provided to the general public. It has also been shown to inform the public that activity trackers have been designed to adapt to the user’s heterogenous natures and target to improve health outcomes. The opportunities that come with smart technology has been known to help with preventative care and to nudge individuals into the “healthy state” of life. Many of your smart watches will come with an activity app already installed and ready to go. Other applications that you can add to your smart watch, for example are Myfitnesspal or Lose It. These application help with the diet side of fitness and also have many diet plans for you to go by. Reaching to my conclusion about smart watches, you probably already know there are many smart devices to choose from out there. From reading and doing research on the matter you should pick the one that best suits your personality, price range, and accessibility.


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Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Studies department