Why Warm-up before Working Out?

Last week we discussed what benefits are associated with physical activity in general. This lets dive into what you should do beforehand to prepare for a workout routine. One of the most important things you can do to get the most out of your workout is to participate in a warm-up before you begin. Most of us, including myself, want to get in the gym, get the workout in, and get out as quickly as possible. Although it may lengthen the time you are in the gym by 10 minutes or so, there are benefits to warming up beforehand.

 Benefits of a Warm-Up

  • Improved performance
  • reduction in the chance of injury
  • increased range of motion during exercise

So what happens when I warm-up?

Most individuals have heard of the saying “let’s get the blood flowing”, and there is some truth to that typical saying used by most sports coaches. Think of a meal you are about to prepare and you need to boil some water. You light the stove and wait as the water starts to heat up and begins to boil. If you were were to put your meal of choice in the water before it had started boiling it may not be ready to receive it, but if you wait until the water is boiling and at the correct temperature your home cooked meal turns out to be great! Warming up is, in a way, like heating up the muscles and preparing them for the workout they are about to perform which allows us to be able to perform the absolute best we can in any given workout. We all want the best results we can possibly achieve in every workout and warming up beforehand is a great way to start. Next time you are about to workout and are away from your trainer, think about warming up beforehand.



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