Can exercise help you perform better at school and work?

By: Danyelle Dyer

Everyone knows that exercise can help improve your physical fitness and performance but did you know that exercise can also improve your mental performance at work and in the classroom. Exercise can do much more for your body then make you look good. It can also make you feel good.


Being active can help improve:

·       Attention

·       Sleep

·       Energy Levels

·       Mood

·       Stress Levels


All of these benefits with help you perform better in the work place and classroom. There have been studies done that have found a correlation between physical activity and GPA. They have shown that staying active for 150 minutes per week can not only improve your performance in school and work but also lower your risk of sedentary related diseases.


So, next time you feel as though you can’t focus or the stress of school and work is to overwhelming try getting on the treadmill or running around your neighborhood.


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Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Studies department