Healthy nutrition vs unhealthy nutrient while exercising: Is exercise really just enough?

by: Breion Young and Kayla Rogers

These days everybody is getting into the fitness. Gym memberships across the nation are increasing and the average member age is becoming lower by the year. For some the, “Big Step” is actually getting into the gym, finding what fits you and staying committed to it. For others that step is simply nutrition.

Some believe that weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise (Exercise vs. Diet: The Truth About Weight Loss, Apr 30, 2014) and some others believe it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise, which is honestly true. What you put into your body will correspond with your performance and health. So, yes you could be going to the gym 4 days a week and exercising for 30 to 60 minutes a day but you won’t actually get what you want out of it.

Trust me I know it’s easier said than done for anybody, even athletes and for the average person just trying to stay fit. If you focus on eliminating nutrient deficiencies or bad foods, and making sure your portion sizes are right and eat right for the body type that you have, you’ll be moving towards the right direction (Workout nutrition explained: What to eat before, during, and after exercise) . Remember, “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet!” (Exercise vs. Diet: The Truth About Weight Loss, Apr 30, 2014).


Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Studies department