Protein: How Much is Too Much?

By Darla Hyde

Lately our culture has been obsessed with protein. You see it advertised all over the place with protein powder, protein shakes, and protein bars etc. And rightfully so protein has many benefits such as its abilities to build and repair our muscles, maintain bone strength and it fills you up quicker resulting in helping to manage your weight, as well as many other benefits. But what many people do not know is how much protein one should be consuming and what happens when you consume too much protein. When you consume too much protein it can turn into fat because your body cannot store all of it. Consuming too much protein also has effects such as damaging kidneys, bad breath, being thirsty often and weight gain. On average men consume about 100 grams of protein a day while women consume about 70 grams a protein a day. This is 2 times more than the recommendation for men and about 1.5 times the recommendation for women, and that recommendation is that you should have about 0.8 grams of protein per healthy kilogram of body weight. A good average often used is 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women. But keep in mind these numbers are for people who are more sedentary. For those who workout and are athletes, the recommendation goes up to 1.2-1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For a reference, 6 ounces of chicken breast has about 50 grams of protein in it. Therefore, you might want to rethink those protein shakes and bars if you are already consuming plenty of meats, eggs, beans and other protein dense foods.