The Benefits of the Correct Warm up

Many people love to workout because it helps them stay fit, makes them feel better, and keeps them healthy. Some individuals do not like to warm up. So today, we must talk about the importance of warming up correctly.

Warming up and stretching can be beneficial in so many ways. For example, it increases body temperature, it reduces the potential for muscle injury, and it increases blood flow to exercising muscles. It also helps the heart and blood vessels adjust to the body’s increased demands and it prepares muscles for
impending workload. Warming up may also reduce the likelihood of excessive muscle soreness.

That being said, there is a correct way to warm-up. While the popular trend has been static stretching, stretching in place each muscle for seconds is beneficial as well; Dynamic stretching has actually been proven to be better for the athlete. Dynamic stretching is a series of movements performed in a smooth, controlled manner that can take the body to the limits of its range of motion. Dynamic warm up has led to improved performance as it allows progression of speed and agility work because the body is better prepared and better able to sustain increased loads. It can also improve forces through the connective tissue and joints with proper blood flow, circulation, and mental preparedness. While static stretching impairs performance, it does not prevent injury and it does not correctly warm up the muscles.


Some good examples of dynamic stretches that you can do before any workout are front to back leg swings, side-to-side leg swings, butt kicks, and high knees. It is important to do each stretch no longer than 2 seconds and complete movements that mimic the activities you are about to perform as closely as possible. Do the dynamic movements for about 40 feet turn around and return completing the next movement. This will help activate those muscle groups you are about to engage for exercise.