Nervous About Working Out ? No Problem!

By Jessi Walker

This is the week! The fourth week of school where the exercise prescription students meet the clients they will teach, where professors start giving actual tests, and where students start to realize ihop everyday was not a good idea. So the wellness is where everyone will be .

The wellness center is usually very busy… That being said I believe everyone is nervous on some level to workout. The exercise prescription students are nervous to meet their clients; they want to say and do everything perfect. While the faculty members are probably a little worried because they want to do well on all of their fitness tests. The other students working out in the wellness are also either stressed out about an upcoming test or new to the wellness and are not used to being surrounded by their peers as they work out.

Just remember working out is a way to help with anxiety, it boosts your mood and can make you feel much better. So don’t worry when you get nervous about having to go to the wellness. Some ways to help with the nerves would be to find a workout partner! They will help keep you accountable and you will relax knowing you are headed to workout with a friend. Another great way to help calm the nerves would be to make a gym plan. Know what exercises you want to do when you get there, that way when you arrive you are not only confident but ready to get busy. The more focused you become on your workout plan the less time you have to think about your nerves. Trust me everyone has their minds on what is going on in their life that day, so just do your best and enjoy working out. It really is for your benefit!