Reasons To Throw Your Scale Away

By: Lauren Clonts

While going through the Employee Wellness Program have you realized that your clothes are fitting a little looser and you feel like your slimming down, but when you step on the scale to see how much weight you have lost you are disappointed? You believe you should be losing all of this weight, but instead it hasn’t moved hardly at all or it shows that you have gained weight. Do not get discouraged! Here is a couple of reasons you shouldn’t worry about what the number on the scale say.

Reason 1: You may be gaining muscle!

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “muscle weighs more than fat?” Well let’s think about that, one pound of muscle weighs the same as one pound of fat but if you look at the two side by side you will notice that fat takes up more space or volume than muscle. You may look noticeably slimmer and more lean due to losing fat, but you are adding in muscle gains which will keep the number on the scale the same or even higher. A body fat percentage testing would be more accurate to tell how much fat you have lost instead of a scale because it cannot tell the difference between fat and muscle.

Reason 2:  How you feel is important too!

Maybe you haven’t lost a ton of weight, but how do you feel at the end of the day? Do you like how you look? Do you have more energy? Do you feel stronger? If you said yes to those questions, then it shouldn’t matter what the scale says! All that matters is about how you feel about yourself!

Reason 3: Remember What’s Really Important

You joined this program to start a healthier lifestyle. We all want you to be happy and healthy inside and outside of our program. If we obsess about what the scale says, it could get in the way of your body composition goals. Instead of trying to set a weight loss goal, try to set a goal such as dropping a pant/ dress size or using a tape measure to measure how big your muscles are getting or how many inches you have lost.

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Studies department