Learn to Love Exercise

Learn to Love Exercise

by: LeShelby Winrow

Are you one of those people that hates exercising or find it to be a hassle? As research has proven is important to engage in physical activity almost daily. It is beneficial for every aspect of health. It can help improve body composition, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and can increase life span. The ACSM recommends aerobic exercise for 3 to 5 days a week with a moderate to vigorous intensity for 20 to 60 minutes. Sometimes it may be hard to incorporate this into your life. It could also be possible that you do not enjoy exercising which then makes it hard to become motivated to get your daily minutes in. If you are a person that does not enjoy exercising or going to the gym but wants to become more active the first thing you should do is to find something you enjoy. Think about what you like to do and what your motivation is. The more you enjoy the activity the more you are likely to continue doing it.

Here are some ideas for ways to become more active and get your daily exercise in.

  • Hiking or trail running if you enjoy being outside
  • Walking with a group of friends or taking the dog for a walk.
  • Group fitness classes such as Body Pump, Zumba, or Kickboxing.

Exercising does not have to be boring or feel like a chore. If you find something that you really enjoy it may not even feel like you are exercising. Once you find what you enjoy make I fun and keep it up!

Assistant Professor, Kinesiology and Health Studies department