Benefits of HIIT Training

By Ryan Brooks

High-intensity interval training or “HIIT”, is the training technique of using short intense anaerobic exercise bursts with less intense breaks in-between. HIIT has many different benefits for individuals who decide to try it. Below are some of the benefits you could see while starting a HIIT program.

  1. Time Efficient – HIIT is deal for persons with a busy work schedule. As little as 15 minutes is needed to see the same benefits as an hour on a treadmill. (1)
  1. Increased Calorie Expenditure – HIIT burns more calories during a workout than continuous training does. Also, HIIT burns calories even after you are done with your workout, burning more calories when your body is returning to homeostasis. (2) 
  1. No Equipment – With HIIT, no equipment is necessary. Running, jumping, high knees, quick feet, or any plyometric exercise is sufficient. HIIT is costless and can be done anywhere. (1) 
  1. Boosts Endurance – HIIT has been found to increase endurance with as little as 60 second bursts. This improved endurance can lead to better performance in other exercises. (2) 
  1. Heart Health – HIIT is very good for your heart. HIIT can increase flexibility and elasticity of arteries and veins. HIIT is also safe and more tolerable for people with coronary artery disease than a moderate level workout. (2) 
  1. Increased VO2Max – HIIT increases VO2Max. In a recent study with persons with type 2 diabetes, HIIT increased their VO2Max while a continuous exercise program did (2)


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