Tips for Exercising in the Heat

By Alex Myers

Its almost time for Oklahoma to heat up again and that means everyone is ready to shed off those winter clothes and head back outdoors to do all the activities we love. Whether it be running, biking, hiking, or just playing some basketball with friends at the park, its always good to know a few basic tips for staying safe and keeping cool. Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but get overlooked everyday by someone somewhere.

• Choose your activity time wisely. While this may seem like a no brainer to some, the time of day in which you are outside exercising can have a huge impact on your hydration as well as protecting yourself from the sun. I’ve found that the best time to get that exercise for the day is early in the morning if at all possible and if not wait until after 4 pm. The suns rays are at their peak between 10 am and 4pm.
• Choose your attire accordingly. One of the things that I see while out exercising in the summer months is people don’t usually pay attention to what they are wearing. In the summer months it’s always a good idea to wear loose fitting light colored clothing. The lighter colors will help to reflect some of that Oklahoma heat and keep you cool.
• Always wear sunscreen. This tends to be more of problem with the men than with women, but sunscreen in a must if you’re going to be out in the sun for any amount of time. Even if it’s a cloudy day out you can still get burned and damage your skin from the sun.
• Staying hydrated. Probably the most important aspect of being out in the summer months while exercising. Try and drink a glass of water before your go out and always be sure to have water with you while you are out.

These are just a few simple tips to try and help you stay cool and healthy while out getting your exercise during the summer months. Take these tips and get out there and try something new this summer, you might just find something you love!

Heat 2

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