The Importance and Benefits of Sleep

College students have busy lives which revolve around school, relationships, jobs, and other responsibilities which can be time and energy consuming but staying healthy is crucial for everybody. In the process, it is important to try to keep up with overall health which includes many aspects such as; exercise, diet, stress levels, nutrition, etc. One area that is routinely overlooked and not payed attention to as much as other areas is the importance of sleep. There is an article on titled, “11 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep” which examines how critical sleep can be on an individual overall well-being. Some of the most important benefits that can be experienced are better memory, higher levels of creativity, improved grades, sharper attention, lower stress levels, ability to maintain healthier weight, and helps individuals avoid depression. There are also studies that suggest getting proper sleep can help with longevity and living a longer life. To experience these wonderful benefits try to get the recommended eight hours of sleep on average every night if at all possible. This can be challenging with busy schedules and long nights of studying late into the night preparing for a big test the next day or in the near future, but try to manage and prioritize to where everything can be balanced without depriving yourself of sleep. Keep in mind the great benefits that can be realized through consistently getting eight hours of sleep a night and make it a priority along with other healthy lifestyle choices.

Donny Hein

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