Are you getting too much of a good thing?

Up to 20% of athletes experience overtraining, which is also commonly referred to as “staleness”. If an individual is not getting the proper rest time after the overload of intense exercise, the body will have an increasingly harder time recovering from a workout. If inadequate rest periods are continued, performance will actually decline. It is important to note that overtraining is not just for athletes. Regular exercisers who do not get enough rest can experience it as well. Below are some common symptoms of staleness.

1. Fatigue which could also be accompanied by feeling of irritability, moodiness or depression

2. You just don’t feel like working out/ losing enthusiasm for your sport

3. Persistent poor performance accompanied with higher fatigue level

4. Sleep disturbances/ inability to focus

5. Restlessness/ hyperactivity/ increased resting heart rate

6. Continued feelings of soreness and stiffness in muscles and joints

7. Injuries

8. Weight loss accompanied by loss of lean muscle

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Casey Robertson~Blogistics!