5 Reasons to Meal Prep

You’ve heard it time and time again: Prepare your meals ahead of time. In case you haven’t heard it, ladies and gentlemen prepare your meals ahead of time! Meal Prep. is a very efficient way to track what you’re eating throughout the day and to avoid eating for convenience. It’s easy as heck to run by the Drive-thru and grab a couple of Double Cheeseburgers (hold the pickles). On the other hand if you already have your delicious, nutritious meal within arms reach, what are the chances you’re going to toss that and instead scarf down some Taco Bell?

The ultimate design of any meal plan is to get the greatest benefits from our food in order to better our health and to reach our personal fitness goals. Intelligent meal planning will transform your body into a fat-burning machine, and I’m going to give you a couple of tips to include in your own well educated meal plan.
 1. Plan your meals ahead of time.
Sound familiar? Meal Prep will allow you to pick all of your food sources that you need, so that you may stay on a time schedule of when you eat. Also, you have food with you at all times. That sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

2. Eat every 2-3 hours.
As mentioned early, the goal is to transform our bodies into fat-burning machines and machines need fuel to run properly. Eating every 2-3 hours will increase your metabolism by feeding muscle and not allowing your body to starve.

3. Drink water.
Water is roughly 75% of our body’s composition, and water is the driving force behind all metabolic reactions occurring inside our body. The body is constantly losing water from sweating, any type of physical exertion, and even from breathing so we must always consciously make an effort to replace the water we are losing.

4. Eat Protein First.
Always eat protein first and with EVERY MEAL. Protein is slow to break down and distribute throughout our body, therefore it will give you that sense of being full. Use that to carry you through to the next meal.

5. Be consistent.
The more consistent you are with both your diet and meal times, the better your body will function. If you eat lunch at 12pm every day, then your body will eventually become accustom to being feed at 12pm every day. Even better, your body will metabolize the meal from earlier faster so that it can prepare itself to refuel. Pretty neat huh? A higher metabolism results in digesting and fulfilling nutrient needs faster, a higher level of energy, and burning calories at a faster rate!

In summary, prepare your meals ahead of time so that you may avoid eating junk, and instead fuel your body to burn fat and to perform optimally.

Bobby Moore


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