Grants and Money

Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activities (RCSA) Grants

This grant program at UCO is open to students majoring in any discipline or field and it offers monetary awards on a competitive basis to support student-focused transformative learning. Students who are selected will receive a materials award of up to $500/year to support research, creative, or scholarly activities.

Awards may be granted for the full amount requested or for a lesser amount, depending upon availability of funds and the appropriateness of the amount requested. The materials awards may be used to support travel to a library, museum, or field site to collect data, to purchase laboratory or project expendables, equipment, or support travel to a local, regional, or national professional conference to present the findings of the funded project.

Students may also apply for a Research Assistantship. This stipend will pay for research work conducted on the approved RCSA project for 5 hrs/wk @ $9.75/hr (Undergraduate) and $11.375/hr (Graduate) for 16 weeks for one (Fall) or both (Fall & Spring) semesters. Pending availability of funds, a tuition waiver might also be awarded each semester, amount to be determined at a later date.

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Undergraduate Research Abroad (URA) Grant Program

The Undergraduate Research Abroad Grant Program supports UCO faculty and students conducting research, creative, and scholarly activities abroad. Each grant is awarded to a team comprised of one UCO faculty instructor and up to four students. (Teams that apply must be comprised of at least faculty instructor and one student. The total number of applicants must not exceed five people.) Undergraduate and graduate students may apply, but at least one student applicant on the application must be an undergraduate student.

Grants will be awarded to the faculty instructor and up to four students and will include:

  • One $6,000 materials award for the group;
  • Research Assistantships (up to 4) for the Fall and Spring semesters. One assistantship will be awarded for each UCO student listed on the project application and participating in the research, creative, or scholarly activity abroad;
  • Tuition fee waivers for the Fall and Spring semesters for each UCO student listed on the project application and participating in the research, creative, or scholarly activity abroad.
  • The $6,000 materials award may be used to cover the following expenses: airfare, housing, per diem, transportation and supplies related to research.

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Student Travel Presentation Grants

OHIP offers a $500 grant to pay for travel costs to a professional conference for which you have been accepted to present your research. Funding is available for first authors only. This grant program is intended as air travel support for research, creative, and scholarly presentations and not for conducting research or attending conferences, workshops, or showcases.

Students may apply at any time, and will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis, and can receive only one award per academic year. Also, students must commit to submitting an abstract/poster and participating in Oklahoma Research Day upon which the support of the OHIP is acknowledged.

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In addition to the grants, OHIP provides a number of other student research related opportunities including publishing in 1890: A Journal of Undergraduate Research, joining the Central Undergraduate Research Board (CURB), a student advisory board, or participating in conferences and events like , Oklahoma Research Day, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Posters on the Hill, the World Congress on Undergraduate Research, and many more!


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