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What is Research?

Being around campus, talking in classes, and seeing Centralities everyday in your email, you probably have noticed the strong culture of undergraduate research at UCO. This may be from research posters you see in the classroom, the Liberal Arts or the Math and Science Tri-Center Symposia, NCUR 2022, and more.

But what exactly is research?

The formal definition from the Council on Undergraduate Research states that research is, “A mentored investigation or creative inquiry conducted by undergraduates that seeks to make a scholarly or artistic contribution to knowledge.”

UCO also has a definition with the RCSA tenant of transformative learning. “Research, creative and scholarly activities involve student-centered learning mentored by faculty, staff or professionals to create knowledge, peer-reviewed presentations, publications, creative projects, exhibitions or performances to be recognized as legitimate scholarly or creative contributions to an area of study.”

So why does this matter to you?

Research is not limited to Math and Science, but open to everyone in any discipline. Research is creative activity. It is investigations to understand the world around you. It is the way to find the answer to that one question that you wish had an answer. Research is the idea you have for that app, or how something can improve. Research is finding the data and telling the story.

If you are an English major, research is that piece of literature your writing. Maybe your are an art major, research is that graphic design project your creating, or that art piece you have painted. In Business, it is the new marketing plans that are inclusive, or finding data explaining the economy.

The possibilities are endless and you have resources here at UCO to start your journey. Talk with your favorite faculty member, students in your classes, or come by the Office of High-Impact Practices (ADM 216).

Follow along on social media this week with #URW2022 and see what research, creative, and scholarly activities are happening here at UCO and beyond.