Month: May 2020

Meet the Researcher – Selena Romero and Ashley Salim

Selena Romero and her Co-Presenter Ashley Salim were invited to present their research at NCUR 2020. Selena Romero is a Senior General Business major with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Contemporary Music Business. Romero and Salim first got involved in their research, “Does the Remote-Control ‘Control’ Our Future?”, during an in-class project for Dr. Patricia Blevins, their Faculty Mentor. A year later, Dr. Blevins reached out to Romero and Salim to present their research at Oklahoma Research Day and NCUR 2020. 

The concept of using an actual remote device to change a channel revolutionized the television industry and unlocked other uses of a remote device. This research explores the advancements of remote-control technology and tries to determine the direction of device usage in the future. Specific focus is placed on the dependency of repeated use and the variety of devices utilized, predicting phones are replacing all remotes in general.

Meet the Researcher – Beth Anderson

Beth Anderson is a Senior History major here at UCO. Her faculty advisor is Dr. Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen. Anderson was invited to NCUR 2020 to present her research “Propaganda Techniques During the Second World War: The ‘Other’ in Japanese and American War Posters”. Her project for NCUR compares propaganda being made by the Japanese and the Americans during the Second World War. She examined the medium, the message, and delivery. She took a deeper look at the racist stereotypes coming from both sides as practiced through cartoons and paintings. As an artist, Anderson is constantly looking at artists through history and how they are useful in different social and economic situations like war, peace, diseases, civil rights and so forth.

Meet the Researcher – Carlie Crutchfield

Carlie Crutchfield is a Senior Elementary Education major at UCO. She got involved with her research after meeting with her faculty advisor, Dr. Darlinda Cassel, and discussing how to help 8th grade students become more fluent in multiplication. She was invited to present her research “Using Engaging Mathematical Activities for Fluency in Middle School Students” at NCUR 2020. Crutchfield’s research project is a case study involving 8th grade remedial math students. She implemented engaging and worthwhile multiplication tasks and tracked their progress through a period of four sessions. The results concluded dramatic improvements in her student’s multiplication skills.