Meet the Researcher – Kaylan Peterson

Kaylan Peterson is a Senior Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Major at UCO. Peterson got involved in research in 2018 when Professor Steven Dunn, her Faculty Advisor, approached her with a research idea he had been curious about investigating for several semesters. 

Kaylan Peterson was invited to NCUR 2020 to present her research, “Reflective Quizzes and Personal Development.” The purpose of this study is to determine the impact reflective writing quizzing might have on a person’s self awareness, self compassion, and grasp of autonomy.

To conduct this study, they took willing participants (currently in a General Psychology course) and had them complete a pre-packet in the first week of class and a post-packet in the final week of class. Throughout the semester, all students, whether in the study or not, complete the weekly respective quizzes.

Since the teaching methods for this semester have changed from in-person to online, Peterson is interested in determining how data collection from the end of this semester will influence the overall data from this research.