Meet the Researcher – Gabriella Oliver

Gabriella Oliver, a senior Mathematics-Statistics major, co-presenting with Ethan Bruegel and Ren Jian Lee were invited to present their research at NCUR 2020. Their faculty advisor was Dr. Tyler Cook. Gabriella has been a part of SCHOLAR (Statistical Consulting Help for Organizational Leaders and Academic Researchers) since Fall of 2017. Gabriella Oliver, Ethan Grugel, and Ren Jian Lee are continuing their research via ZOOM. Their research project was titled “Analyzing the Influence of Evening Exams on Success in General Chemistry.” This experiment was conducted during the 2018-2019 academic year where students in certain sections of General Chemistry took exams at two different times.

In the Fall semester, students in these sections took their exams in the evening outside of normal class time with the time typically spent in class being used for review instead. In order to determine if the extra class time allocated for lecture due to evening exam times was impactful, we utilized multivariate statistical techniques to compare student success between semesters.