Meet the Researchers – Veronica Fuxa and Vincent Pinion

Meet UCO students Veronica Fuxa, Senior English Education Major, and Vincent Pinion, Senior Master’s Student in Experimental Psychology. Their faculty mentor is Dr. Anastasia Wickham. Veronica got involved in her research through preparing to student-teach. She noticed how some teachers reacted towards technology usage such as Google Classroom and Chromebooks. “In my education courses, we learn about different technologies, but we are never sure which ones are effective in the classroom since we did not have any experience. I wanted to analyze teachers’ reactions towards ‘essential technologies’ and use quantitative analysis to determine different groups’ attitudes towards classroom technology.”

Veronica Fuxa and Vincent Pinion were invited to present their research, “Mixed Methods Analysis of Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Classroom Technology.” In this mixed methods research study, the researchers conducted 20-30 interviews with high school teachers from two different suburban-rural schools with the goal of understanding how teachers perceive classroom technology and how it may affect pre-service teachers. The researchers found through self-reported ordinal sorting quantified preferred technologies such as Google classroom and Chromebooks having highest rankings, where some technologies were unheard of or largely disliked in the classroom (i.e. smartphones). Chi square analysis determined general consensuses of attitude on individual questionnaires, and many teachers expressed their concerns on the usage of technology and how it negatively and positively impacted students and classroom culture.