Welcome Message

Welcome Veterans, Active Duty, National Guard, & Reservists!

If you are a current or previous individual who served in any branch of the Unites States Military, STRIPES VUB at UCO may be able help you discover your options to attend, pay for, and obtain a college degree or vocational certificate of your choice!

We have dedicated academic outreach specialists who are ready to assist you in preparing for any vocational/technical school or college – no matter its location or format. We are here to assist you navigate the red tape of the process and be ready to focus on your course of study!

STRIPES-VUB at UCO can assist you with things like:

  • Career Information:

    • Exploring career options and finding a program of study that offers the certification or degree that can help put you into the career field of your choice.
  • Admissions:

    • Obtaining and completing the required paperwork for admission into your selected institutions; requesting transcripts from prior institutions, including your military transcript.
  • Financial Aid:

    • Understanding the cost of attendance and applying for VA Education benefits (G.I. Bill, tuition assistance, etc.) and other sources of financial aid and scholarships.
  • Academic Skills:

    • Refreshing your skills in various subjects including math and English; preparation for entrance exams; assistance with time management, test taking, and study skills necessary to be successful in school. We offer academic boot camps each semester with free lunch and a paid stipend for eligible participants.
  • Transition Support:

    • After successful completion of enrollment and your first semester, we can assist with locating a more long term TRiO or other student support program to guide you the rest of the way to final graduation.

Let us work together to design an individualized education plan for you!

STRIPES-VUB at UCO is a federally funded TRiO grant program through the Department of Education