Who is eligible for the STRIPES-VUB program?

Military service members who have not been awarded a 4-year baccalaureate degree who have served at least 181 days active duty OR was a member of a reserve component of the Armed Forces called to active duty for a period of more than 30 days (at least 31 days) on or after September 11, 2001, OR was called to active duty for less than 30 days to serve in support of a contingency operation on or after September 11, 2001, and who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Low income as defined at Trio Program Income Eligibility
  • First-generation college graduate
  • Neither parent has a traditional baccalaureate, four year degree earned while you were a minor child living in the home
  • Have a documented disability
  • Been out of the academic setting for 5 years
  • Have other academic risk factors

If you are concerned about your eligibility, please contact our office at 405-974-3686 and we can discuss eligibility requirements more in depth with you. As part of the Veteran Student Support Services department, we can refer you to additional programs if you are not eligible for STRIPES-VUB.

How do I apply to STRIPES-VUB?

You can contact one of our Outreach Specialists or apply online which will prompt an email and call from our team.

What paperwork do I need to bring with me to a VUB meeting?

We will need a copy of your DD-214, proof of income, and prior high school or college transcripts. If you do not have these items, we can assist with obtaining these documents. We have published links for online retrieval of many required documents.

Please, do not let your frustration obtaining these items stop you from making an appointment with one of our outreach specialists.

Can I participate in STRIPES-VUB if I do not want to attend UCO?

Yes. We will assist any qualified veteran no matter what school or program she or he plans to attend.  We have participants attending higher education institutions throughout the entire state of Oklahoma and some participants even out of state. We will help you select the best program and school to fit your individual needs and goals. Where you attend is entirely up to you.

Can STRIPES-VUB help me choose a career and/or degree program?

Yes, using a variety of career interest inventories, your advisor can work with you to determine what career opportunities might be best for your skill sets and interests. We can assist with selecting a path toward becoming the best qualified candidate in your selected industry.

How long can I be in the STRIPES-VUB program?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. We work on your pace and comfort level. We will walk with you from selecting an academic program, exploring funding sources available, to applying for the program, collecting all the required documentation, and through the first semester of your selected plan. Do not shortchange yourself by planning to only be in STRIPES-VUB for just a few weeks. We have found that participants who engage and utilize all services available have higher levels of success.

Do I have to apply in person at the UCO location?

No. We recognize that there are many factors they may prevent you from meeting us during our normal office hours or at our main office on the UCO campus. While we have the most resources available at our main office, we will meet potential program applicants at a location convenient for you. In most circumstances we do require at least one in person meeting before acceptance into the STRIPES-VUB program.

Does STRIPES-VUB provide financial aid?

 No. Although all services are free to qualified participants, we do not directly provide financial aid. We can assist you with the financial aid application process, GI Bill® benefit coordination, and scholarship applications. If you elect to apply to UCO, we can request an application waiver for participants who enter the STRIPES-VUB program BEFORE submitting their application to UCO. We also offer a small monthly stipend for eligible participants who fully participant in program events and workshops after acceptance into the STRIPES-VUB program.

Can STRIPES-VUB help me find a job?

No. However, we do offer career counseling, employment application tips, and letters of reference

Do I have to have VA educational benefit eligibility to qualify for the STRIPES-VUB Program?

No. We accept applicants with a variety of academic financial support. If you no longer qualify for VA educational benefits, we can assist you with locating and applying for other funding sources.

If you have further questions please email us at

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