Reflection: What does Veterans Day mean to you?

As Americans come together to honor military members, and their families we ask the questions “what does Veterans Day mean to you? took to social media in 2017 to ask the question. As you can guess the responses reflect both the experience from the veteran’s point of view, and that of the many military-connected families who have made sacrifices.

beccaswinks It’s an extra opportunity for me to celebrate and thank our veterans for all they do. I am able to walk out of my front door in safety, speak my mind and worship at will because our men and women have fought, and continue to fight, for the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted every day. They are our guardian angels, watching over and protecting us!

Mike Sciales I think of the comrades and good times we had together because it was those people who made it all so rewarding. I think of the ones who never came back, and won’t forget what they did for us. Then I see some of the terrible things by the government that deny veterans the care and respect they deserve, and it breaks my heart.

warriorwifeforlife More than I can say, I am with my husband every day of his life and am amazed by his continuing courage. His fight, his will, his desire. I can’t put into words what it means to me, but you can damn well believe I think they deserve more than they get!

Our program serves veteran students, and we try to understand and honor their sacrifice with every program, service, and assistance we provide. In our case we think of veterans day as every day we can help a military member entering into postsecondary education and utilize the benefits they earned.

Resource: What does Veterans Day mean to you? – DAV