Veterans and Social Capital

Over the last several years we have seen social ties, and social integration for veterans transitioning to college or university suffering. Not only is it harder to gather but, with the rise of online classes we are more disconnected from our social supports.

Studies have shown that social tied, and socially connected veterans are more successful in an academic setting. This is no surprise to programs like Veterans Upward Bound.

Social supports are so important when making huge transitions in life. The frustration of moving to civilian life and interacting with civilian systems that can seem unorganized and difficult to navigate. Having a strong support system helps veterans build resiliency for academic environments.

“The specific processes by which civilian environments can either engender or form a barrier to belongingness for military veterans has not yet been fully explored” We know that barriers exist.

Veterans Upward Bound and other supportive programs often advise and coach veterans as they navigate uncertain situations like, classes, enrollment, and advisement. We often provide social events, gatherings, observances, and access to student groups that focus on being socially connected to other veterans.

Increasing Social Capital Among Veterans Students

Most of the time veterans really need a place to feel safe when expressing their frustrations at the chaos of civilian environments. Programs like VUB offer reliable assistance. We are here and in-person to talk with you through challenges. Many of us are veterans ourselves; we understand your frustrations.

Having social support, and a network of assistance is invaluable to veteran communities. It’s not just social supports that benefit veterans. Programs like VUB are tasked with understanding how academic processes work. Navigating academic selection, enrollment, and admission coupled with VA benefits can be complex and frustrating. Lastly, veteran centered programs offer comradery with other veterans going through similar challenges, stages of life, and transitions.