Reflecting on Brave Actions – Patriot Day 2021

Serving Strong

First, a Soldier is a Soldier for life.

It takes a profound strength to wear this nation’s uniform. Though one day they remove this uniform, no amount of time, nor strife can sever the golden thread uniting these veterans in a unique and everlasting bond.

Once a Soldier, A Soldier for Life

Throughout their lives men and women live by a professional ethos that asserts “I will never accept defeat” and “I will never leave a fallen comrade behind.”

These men and women are willing to toil and sacrifice for the small band of brothers who stand unwavering to their left and right. They draw their courage from the well-spring of our history and from the legacy of strength they have inherited from those that marched tirelessly before them.

But these Soldiers – our veterans – don’t see themselves as being brave or special, they just say they’re doing their jobs.

On Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, Armistice Day or the Day of Peace – this day has many names – the world stops in silence to pay tribute to the heroes of the battlefield who never see themselves as heroes. To that, I say we owe veterans more than our silence, our memories, our thanks.


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