Changing the Guard

2020, was a difficult time for most of us attending college. In the chaos of the last year, we saw several staff members who moved beyond STRIPES VUB. We know they will always continue the important work that we do in one way or another.

STRIPES VUB is committed to uplifting the lives of veterans as they navigate postsecondary education. We searched high and low and found a fantastic director in Kima Murry, M.S., USN

Kima comes toSTRIPES:Veterans Upward Bound from a long line of service to our country, and our community. Kima was a Gunner’s Mate in the United States Navy, after his service he attended Tulsa Community College, and graduated from Langston University. He has both his Bachelor of Applied Science in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Vocational Rehabilitation.

Kima worked for American Airlines before he became a community mental health therapist. In his time at UCO, he has worked with veterans at Veterans Upward Bound and has helped adults’ transition to college through the UCO Cares program.

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