Lasting Generational Change – Part 4 ~ Final Conclusion and The Plan

You’ll notice my examples of the challenges as a first-generation college student in this series of blog posts, did not include intellectual type barriers. When I work with new clients I share this piece of advice about getting through classes, college is 10% intelligence and 90% persistence. You were accepted into your program of study, so you meet the academic criteria. Prior to moving over to STRIPES-VUB, I spent 8 years as faculty. In that entire time, I never had a student fail my class due to lack of intellectual ability. It always came down to preparation and the ability to adapt when life happened. Brushing up on your grammar and math skills is just one part of returning to the classroom. We focus so much on test scores and entrance standards, that we often overlook creating plan to build the critical resiliency skills, changes, and student supports needed to persist. New students often underestimate the amount of time needed to complete assignments, the self discipline to study outside of the classroom, fail to locate student academic support programs at the start of the semester, or make the life adjustments needed to meet their new student responsibilities. These are the things that sink students without a plan the most.

As a new or returning student, what are you going to do when life happens? When the road gets jumbled and it is hard to see the finish line, do you have the support to keep going? What are you doing to build your student support tribe? Hopefully, one of your supports is using the STRIPES-VUB or other Trio program and staff to guide you through this transition. We will gladly stand with you on the arena floor when the battles of life show up. We are ready to help you start a new learning adventure, are you ready to take that first step?

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