Lasting Generational Change – Part 2 ~Babies, Cows, and Diplomas

Just like with college students today, life happened and the road to degree completion was a challenge for my parents. At the end of their fall semester back in December 77 I was born three weeks early right at the start of fall finals week

. What can I say I have perfect timing! Nothing like going into labor while the father is across campus taking a final! Somehow, my parents managed to successfully finish their finals that semester, continued on to the next semester, and eventually complete their degrees. Money was tight, maintaining employment with a paycheck was a requirement, and their school assignments still had to be done. I cannot imagine having to physically go to the UCO library to type all of my papers on a typewriter! Or the frustration of having to retype an entire paper because of one small error. Or perhaps when your new infant puked milk on the assignment, I’m thinking it was a good thing I was cute! During their college years, there was a rogue black cow that jumped in front of their car late one night on their way home from the library damaging the main family car, a fully paid ’69 Camaro. Obstacles at times seemed to be in abundance for my parents. In the end, their persistence and adaptability prevailed. My father graduated with a Bachelor in Political Science and my mother with a Bachelor in General Studies. Instilling additional examples of how to persist in the face of challenges.

Troubles in life will come, how you overcome them matters more  than the initial delay toward your goals. Always adapt, adjust, and advance again. Achieving the end goal will be worth the bumps in the road in front of you. Just watch out for the cows!

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