J.O.B. Employment as an Adult Student

Returning to school as an adult student often creates unforeseen budget and time management hardships. The first semester of an academic program can be full of obstacles that have nothing to do with your intelligence or academic abilities. To balance your new academic demands and still meet your financial demands, you may find yourself in the J.O.B (Just Over Broke) hunt to get you and your family by.

As a faculty member, I often watch students create a permanent long term solution for a short term problem. This often happens when a student places more priority on a low skill job over their current academic coursework. They miss assignment deadlines, do not prepare outside of class time, or excessively miss class. Finding flexible employment that allows you to balance all your life’s demands can be critical to successfully navigating your academic program and obtaining your long term goal of degree completion.

Your STRIPES-VUB staff recently received word that Amazon is expanding into the Oklahoma metro area, provides military hiring preference, and has several part time positions with a student’s work schedule in mind. Find out more about Amazon’s Military Talent Community and available opportunities online at www.amazondelivers.jobs If you need computer internet connected access and you are a STRIPES-VUB participant feel free to use our Veteran Support Services Computer Lab located at the UCO library on the 2nd floor.

Do you know of a local employer with flexible work requirements? Please share what you do to make ends meet in the comment section.