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A Guide to College Placement Tests

Part of your admission and enrollment into coursework as an adult student will likely include a few college placement tests. Creating a plan to prepare for these tests will take a little time and effort on your part. You may feel like a horse wondering the desert looking for the elusive spring of knowledge and have forgotten where to find the source. Your STRIPES-VUB staff is here to help.

It is important to take the placement tests seriously and prepare ahead of time. The results are used to determine your current readiness for college level work and enrollment into university level courses. There are several placement test utilized and each university or technical program will have their own process and preferred testing company. Make sure to inquire about any cost, what tests are used, test preparation supports, and options available for re testing during campus visits or during your application process.

Ideally, you will want to prepare a little before taking your placement test. Most universities will not offer placement test services until after a student has been officially accepted. It is not uncommon to take a placement test several times before achieving the best score. Take the placement tests early so you have time to retest if needed. Your final test result will determine if academic remediation courses are required or if you can dive right into university level courses your first semester. Remedial or zero level courses generally do not count toward the required credits needed for a final degree. If you need the remedial course, take the remedial course. Taking the time and money now to build a strong foundation knowledge will help you in the long run achieve academic success. However, if you took the test without preparation or are just a few points short of a higher score, take some time to study and retest. It can save you time, money, and get you to graduation faster.We recommend starting with Accuplacer. It’s a common placement test used at many programs across the nation for placement in reading, writing, and math courses. The company has study materials and test tips available at no charge. The company recently developed a free app for your smartphone so you can brush up and practice while on the go. Visit them at accuplacer.collegeboard.org for more information.

Another common placement test is ALEKS®. The ALEKS® test is math specific and provides the student with an individualized study guide and online learning modules for self study. The company charges for this service so most universities will only provide a student access after official acceptance and is required for enrollment into math courses. Usually the test and online study tool are provided at no cost to the student. You can learn more about ALEKS online at ALEKSPPL

Your STRIPES-VUB staff have several preparation workbooks and resources available. We can provide one on one tutoring in targeted areas, we offer ongoing Academic Prep classes, and have a computer lab available for your use. It is often said, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. If you find yourself wondering the sandy desert without a drop of water in sight, please email us at  stripes-vub@uco.edu or give us a call at 405-974-3686 for academic assistance. We will be happy to show you where you can find the best water for knowledge drinking!