College Planning As An Adult

Living the Adult Dream

The daily adult drive

Yesterday perhaps you were driving to work before the break of dawn or sitting in rush hour traffic just trying to get to work. You might have made the rent or mortgage payment with a little cringe at the amount. Perhaps even looking at your bank account trying find enough money for an emergency auto repair or pay for a child’s last minute school activity. You might have a health concern, made a call to get an appointment for a specialist only to realize you needed a referral from primary care. You knew when you started the day, life would put you on the road with a few roadblocks and U turns. You have an adult life with adult daily challenges and going back to school is going to take an adult centered plan.

Silly Rabbit….College is for kids!

Somewhere along the way you have decided to improve your education or career opportunities. You’ve given the STRIPES-VUB program a call and have started researching your options. It can be frustrating searching online for information on entering the higher education world as an adult learner. You may be finding great tips like asking a High School English teacher for a recommendation letter. What? I don’t even remember her name and I doubt five years later she even remembers my name. As you try to locate information it becomes clear that most of what is available seems to be designed for a new college student who was trying to decide who to take to Prom a few months ago. You might even begin to tell yourself, “Silly Rabbit, college is for kids. Don’t be discouraged. College is not just for the kids. According to the UCO Enrollment Statistics & Demographics; Spring 2019 report, 24.6% of the UCO student population is over the age of 26 and the average age of a UCO student is 24.2. You are not alone in returning to the academic world with a more adult view of the world at large. You just need to create a plan with your adult perspective in mind to finish that goal.

Eureka! I’ve Found It

Recently, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education through the UCanGo2 initiative released an entire section on their website UCanGo2 College As An Adult dedicated toward helping adult’s plan, prepare, and pay for a variety higher education programs. Are you finding yourself lost in a sea of High School age tips? Give this web resource a try. I promise they do not give you a list of tips for selecting a dorm roommate or handling homesickness, as a current or former military member you’ve probably got that one covered.