Wait…How did the professor explain that?

Khan Academy A Student’s Best Late Night Study Buddy

As a student I would find myself occasionally sitting in a class attentive to the professor’s lecture and everything was clicking. I’d be following along understanding each of the steps and even taking notes! I would leave the class feeling pretty good that I understood the information. Then a week later I would sit down to do the homework assignment or study for the exam. My brain would scramble trying to recall the information and I’d get a big fat nothing. Was I even in the classroom when this was covered? I would stare at my notes confused by all the seemingly random numbers and letters I had apparently written down for a reason. The textbook didn’t really help, I’m an auditory and visual learner. It would usually be 10:00 pm or later and I knew the professor would not want a phone call from me at that hour and the assignment was usually due the next morning. Great I was going to flunk! 

Then I would remember to take a few breaths and turn to one of my favorite online sites as a student, Khan Academy I can not count the number of times the videos available on this free website were my best battle buddy on those late night’s I was battling with my lecture notes and homework. Can’t remember how to multiply binomials by polynomials? There’s a video for that. The notes from that Chemistry lecture on the nomenclature and reaction of carboxylic acids look like they were written in an alien language? Yep there’s a video for that too!

So who is your academic battle buddy on those late study nights? Do you have a go to tip? Please comment below.