Drive, day 2

Woke up to a noisy alarm and jumped into the shower. We all meandered down stairs to eat breakfast in the hotel lobby. After some hot coffee, we all packed back into the van and set out toward our destination, the Grand Canyon. After driving for a bit, we pulled into the Petrified Forest National Park. If you have not been there, let me say that you need to see this place. The park has beautiful colored petrified rocks, or rather trees. There is also the Agate House, worth seeing for sure.
After several hours of exploring, we gathered into the van and set off. We immediately heard a ding arising form the van, who by this time had earned the monicker of “Shelly”. This new issue meant that we pulled into the closest shop to try and figure out what was happening. We pulled in and some fine young gentlemen told us that Shelly had run out of oil. Shelly was also beginning overheat so we filled up on oil and coolant and got back into the van and drove on. Disturbingly we ate lunch at McDonalds which means I officially broke my streak, sigh. We did finally arrive at our destination but several members of our group immediately left for Flagstaff to purchase groceries. My group stayed and played games. Eventually the group reunited but it was late. All of us finally unpacked, showered, and said goodnight because Ranger Todd Nelson was set to meet our group at 8:15 am the next day.