Drive, day 1

We all met at UCO around 7:30 a.m., loaded our stuff into the state of the art vehicle, and got onto 1-40 highway toward New Mexico. State of the art is a sarcastic way to say that we piled into a brown, much used vehicle that was missing several air vent covers. We were all told that the “guy” had sworn that the van was in tip top shape. I say this now because along the second day drive this statement would prove to be false. Being on the road was mostly killing time. My seat companions struggled to get comfortable enough to nap while I read and listened to a book. We pulled into the hotel around 6 pm. Keep in mind that time zones have made it seem earlier then it actually felt. By 7pm we were all seated around the table for dinner at Cracker Barrel. By 8pm were back in the hotel and separated into our respective rooms. I fell asleep listening to music on a very comfy bed. Nice!