Day One of Service

The ASB Grand Canyon trip got the ball rolling today with our first day working on wildfire prevention with the National Park Service. In conjunction with ongoing efforts to be proactive in controlling impact of natural wildfire at the park, we assisted in thinning almost 4 acres of brush. The efforts of prescribed burns and controlling vegetation thickness provides security to the residents of the park in knowing they are better protected against the effects of wildfire. We learned that surface fires of low intensity occur about every 5-15 years at the Grand Canyon National Park. While these fires are often beneficial for the ecology of some of the trees in the park, including the Ponderosa Pine seen above, they also present a very real threat to the historical structures and residential properties throughout the area. We will continue working on thinning out other areas of the park throughout the week in order to provide further protection from crown fires which result in the most devastation to structures and wildlife habitats.