Road Trippin’

On the road again! We’re finally off on our way to Nashville! A little about myself first: my name is Paige and I am a sophomore getting a degree in business administration.  I am in Alpha Delta Pi aand I play soccer for UCO. I am so excited to spend my spring break there helping others and getting to explore Tennessee. We left at around 7:00 am so we should get there at around 7:00 pm. Twelve hours in a van…wow that’s a lot, but I think we’re all so excited to get to Nashville that it doesn’t even matter. I can’t wait to see the city and work to make an impact there even in some small way. I know this will be a life-changing experience and I’m so thankful for the opportunity UCO has given me to spend a week with some awesome people in an amazing city. Seeing as it’s not even 7:30 I’m going to rest my eyes for a bit, see you in Nashville!