Music City Bound

The Alternative Spring Break Nashville group has been up and at ’em today! We fought the Oklahoma wind and a little rain, jammed our luggage into a big van-which feels significantly smaller with 11 people plus luggage, made a short pit stop at Starbucks, and headed toward Tennessee. All before 7am. Impressive right?
As the student leader who spent countless hours planning the entire trip, selected the nine other wonderful students, and trained them on our purpose in Nashville I couldn’t be more excited to get this trip started! Our group will be collaborating with the Nashville Rescue Mission to serve the hungry and homeless. The Mission offers emergency services including 3 meals a day, shelter, clothing, day time accommodations, hot showers and personal hygiene items for men, women, and children. The Mission is open 365 days of the year and is continually filled to capacity. When trying to select a city and social issue to focus on during this trip, Nashville was the clear choice for me. So often we think of Nashville as just ‘Music City’ and a tourist hotspot. In reality it is a city stricken with hunger and homelessness. Hunger and homelessness is an epidemic in this country, Oklahoma, and undoubtably even effects students at Central. Hopefully during this trip we will be able to make a small difference in lives of those in Nashville, and see a little of Music City too!
Last year I was fortunate enough to participate in ASB New York and that experience made a lasting expression on my life. Not only did I see the world a little differently after I served families who had their homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, but I made wonderful friendships and memories to last a life time. And that’s what I hope my team comes away from this trip with. I already see so many good qualities in my team because it takes a special kind of person to give up their Spring Break to serve, but I hope something changes inside of them. As the first year for a student to lead other students during an Alternative Spring Break trip, there’s nothing I want more than for my team to have a life changing experience just like I did in New York. I hope for them to see the world a little differently. For them to want to continue serving with a happy heart well after this trip has ended. For them to be transformed forever because of things they see and do this week.
Throughout the week each student will have a chance to blog about their experiences so hopefully you will get to see their transformation with me. I will give daily updates on what we are up to-both serving and sight seeing, and will post lots of fun photos so you can see Music City with us!
More when we get to Nashville!
-Abbey Canaday