Teaching From Home: Structure, Time-Management, & Self-Care

Todd Zakrajsek, our 2016 UCO Collegium speaker, offers some quick tips on working from home

10 Tips for Success flyerDesignate A Work Area

  • Identify items to bring to your home office. What may make your workload more natural, familiar, and comfortable (e.g., favorite travel mug, a reference tool, or book that you reach for often, or even a favorite photo)?
  • Create a makeshift desk using the dining room table, breakfast bar, a folding table, or even an ironing board
  • Identify adequate electrical outlets with a power surge protector
  • Consider additional or softer lighting, a window for fresh air, or even a plant
  • Decide where to put office material when not in use (archive box, a tote, or backpack)

Develop a Work Schedule

  • Remember teleworking is not a stay-cation
  • Create a daily plan (see planning sheet below)
  • Reduce stress through self-care and hygiene: dress for “getting ready for work (at home),” avoid daytime naps, maintain a bedtime routine
  • Be aware of comfort eating, plan meals & times

Organize and Manage Time

  • Use a physical or electronic calendar
  • Set daily goals (balance family and work needs)
  • Post “Work Zone” or “Quiet Zone-Meeting Online”
  • Stay flexible

Plan for your Physical Well Being

  • Consider posture; it often contributes to overall well-being
  • Do your wrists rest in a neutral position on your keyboard?
  • Is your table to tall or too short?
  • Can you modify your chair to find the best-seated position?
  • Remind yourself to stand, stretch, bend, twist, and move. Take a break from screen time to check your body’s response to being sedentary

Connecting with Others and Well Being

  • Be cognizant of self-esteem across time. The impact of social isolation, combined with diminished expectations, can lead to situational depression and a sense of loneliness.
  • Make it a point to stay connected. Send a quick text, email, or phone call to check in on faculty, friends, family, and neighbors. Stay constructive. Setting a scheduled virtual meeting with your colleagues is a good way not only to maintain your well-being but also that of your colleagues in the same isolated state. Plan creative endeavors that stimulate your imagination to fulfill a hobby or complete that project you started but never finished.

Printable Daily Planning Sheet

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